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Your Pocket Chef will contact you within 72 hours of your scheduled booking.

When will I hear from my chef? 

For each additional hour, that goes over your 2-hour session will be billed at $39.99/hour and charged by Pocket Chefs by the next business day. Subscription overages will be charged at the end of the month.

What if I go over my two hours or need more time? 

Customers will be charged a fee of $39.99 for same day reschedules. ALL reschedules must be made 24 hours prior to your booking. Reschedules may be coordinated with your Pocket Chef directly, cancellations must be done via website under your account profile.


Cancel your booking at any time, cancellation fees will apply as follows:

  • Basic package subscription cancellations will be charged $49.

  • Standard package subscription cancellations will be charged $69.

  • Pro package subscription will be charged $99.

Subscription Cancellation 

  • All Subscription after 3 months will be on auto renew. If a customer wishes to cancel after their 3 months, the customer must email a cancel requests 10 day prior to their billing date. The booking will go on the customer's account as credits.( We are unable to refund booking after a billing date has taken place.


Customers are granted a 10-minutes late grace period. After 10 minutes, your booking will start, and your booking time will be adjusted by your chef. If the original booking session time, no longer works with your schedule, you will be charged for the time your chef was waiting and for one hour at $39.99 for the cancellation.


All customer booking sessions that go over the pre-paid 2-hours will be charged the difference at a $39.99/hour rate. Ex: If your booking runs over 20 mins, you will be billed at $13.33.

  1. Subscription customers will be bill at the end of the month.

  2. Single booking customers will be billed the following business day after their scheduled booking.


Travel Fees

  1. Travel fees may apply to customers outside of our service area. The travel fee is $39.99 for each booking.


Customer Refunds

  1. Gift cards and packages are final sale. All gift cards and packages can be used as a credit that’s transferable.


Chef Requests

  1. Same chef requests are reserved for subscription customers only. We will do our very best to match you with a chef of your choice, based on availability.

Chef Poaching Pocket Chefs works hard to train and equip our chefs to best service our customers. Customers are given a polite warning to not reach out to any chefs unless.

  1. You have service set up through Pocket Chefs to discuss your upcoming booking.

  2. You forgot to tip your chef and want to ask them how you can.

  3. You loved the food and what to tell them. Compliments are always welcomed!


The customer will be charged an additional hour at $39.99, if the cooking area needs to be cleaned beforehand whether it is done by the customer or the Pocket Chef.

What if my kitchen is not clean, when the chef shows up?

Customers are responsible for purchasing and shopping for their own groceries. A Pocket Chef can assist you with your grocery shopping list during your consultation to ensure you don’t miss anything. You also have the option of telling your Pocket Chef exactly what you would like to have prepared or if you would like to have the menu planning done for you by the chef, at an additional fee.  

Do you provide me with a Grocery Shopping List or Menus?

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Please note certain cities will be subject to a travel fee.*

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