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It All Started in The Kitchen

Founder/CEO Jason Brown always had a natural talent for cooking. It came from much quality time spent in his childhood, where he learned first-hand, from his father; who was a chef, owner of two restaurants and a seafood delivery service. It was a seed which had been planted, and little did he know, it would one day grow and harvest into the company, Pocket Chefs.

“The idea came, while taking care of a loved one who had become sick. My wife and I loved cooking for her, but we knew with our busy schedules, we would not always have the chance to. It made me think, what if we could hire a professional to help cook meals for her that she would not only love, but would be healthy too? Taking the time to talk to others about their pain points in the kitchen, everyone seemed to have the same issue: the time and money to make customizable, healthy meals. From then on, my wife and I founded Pocket Chefs, where we could not only provide an affordable solution for assistance with cooking but also employment opportunities.”

-Jason Brown, Founder/CEO

pocket chefs team
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