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Service Overview

Save time. Save money. 
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Meals for the Week (Meal Prep)

  • All your meals are ready for the week

  • Tailored to your specific dietary needs

  • Meals to take to work and perfect for your kids’ lunch boxes

  • You will have more time during the week to do the things you love, rather than spending your nights in the kitchen

What is Included

  • Matched with an experienced SafeServ Chef

  • Free phone consultation to cater to your specific dietary needs

  • Customizable meals- you tell us what you want made

  • Chefs will arrive at your home to prep and cook a week's worth of meals 

  • No hassle on clean up either, our Chefs take care of that too

Our Pocket Chefs

We select professional chefs who have served multiple years as private chefs, caterers and in restaurants. Our chefs have been trained to understand the needs of their client and deliver delicious and affordable meals in the comfort of your home. 

  • SafeServ certified for cleanliness standards

  • Background Check to ensure client comfort

  • Home Chef trained for client satisfaction 

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